Dance for Joy

A healthy means of keeping fit, relaxing and getting away from the stresses of everyday life. Classes are available for adults and children in Classical Ballet, Boys’ Work, Pointe Work, Pas de Deux, Tap, Modern Jazz, Highland & National, Latin American and Ballroom.

Nursery Section


We start boys and girls at 3 – 6 years with general classes, learning the basics of ballet along with a taste of other forms of dance. We have a waiting list for little ones not quite old enough. U.K.A. Medal tests are encouraged to build confidence and give a sense of achievement. At the age of 7 pupils have the choice of specialising in one or more disciplines.

Theatre Section

Students are trained in Classical Ballet, Boys work, Pas de Deux, Tap and Modern for examinations in the I.S.T.D from Primary to Advanced 2. Many go on to dance professionally from this training.

Classical Ballet

“An art, a self-discipline, a love of movement to music, the greatest foundation of all froms of dance”


Pupils not wishing to continue with exams due to pressure of college / school work are welcome to attend for pleasure and exercise in these classes. Two classes per week in any subject are available.

Students who wish to progress to further dance / theatre education at full time schools of dance in London and elsewhere, please note that training to intermediate level is a minimum prerequisite for acceptance. We have been extremely successful in training of our dancers to this level and beyond, and many of our students go on to a career in the theatre and teaching.


A continuation to Advanced level, Freestyle and examinations.

Adult Ballet 16+

You do not have to be sylphlike to benefit from ballet, only those joining a Ballet Company require balletic physique and latent talent! At beginner’s level, a wonderful way to keep fit and dispel back pains. Examinations are not compulsory nor is participating in shows. Both are a matter of choice and ability.


For fun, but learn correct technique at the same time. This expands your horizons and makes you a popular choice for operatic, university concerts etc. When you have reached a high level of expertise, you may join our professional team of “Esk Dancers”. In the meantime just dance and enjoy!

An easy going adult tap class for former pupils and those with some tap training. Complete beginners are also welcome.

Modern Theatre

A modern form of exercise which appeals to all those who enjoy Chart Music.

Highland and National

Our traditional Scottish Dancing. Enjoy dancing and performing at shows, galas etc.

Nursery     –     3 1/2 – 6 years introductory tests

Highland & National Ballroom & Latin American

UKA medal tests are available and encouraged, but not compulsory. Students are trained from Pre Bronze to 3rd Gold Star and Premier Award. Latin American and Ballroom discipline. Those who wish to go further may take their teaching examination.


Examinations in I.S.T.D are expensive and a very high standard is required. Anyone not taking exams will continue in class at the same level as their peers. Examinations are encouraged but not compulsory.


Professional Examinations

Many of our students have successfully passed teaching examinations in theatre, Highland and Ballroom, and teach all over the world.

General Information

For the more serious student, our major classes in the above subjects provide training to Advanced Level for Professional Performance and Teaching Qualifications. Our classes also augment dance training courses at college. Intensive training is given for those wishing to make a career in dance. We have an excellent success rate for talented pupils. Training for teachers includes participating in general classes for experience. Private tuition is available for further training as required.

Whether for pleasure or training to make dance a career, expert training is essential from an early age to ensure young bodies avoid injury by faulty technique. Our training is based on the highest level syllabi. Although examinations are not compulsory, they are encouraged as many students have progressed to highly successful careers in performing, teaching and directing. What greater sense of achievement than progressing through this arduous training which requires much self discipline to acquire confidence and inner strength to cope with the challenge of life.

Classes are kept small with a maximum of 16 pupils in each class to ensure the highest level of tuition. Classes are cancelled when necessary, due to inclement weather and annouced here on the website and on Facebook. Those classes are replaced in due course. Classes missed may be relaced where we have two classes in a subject ie. Grade 1 Ballet.

Gift Vouchers are available for dance classes in any subject for any price from reception. They may be used within 6 months of purchase. Ideal birthday and Christmas gifts for tuition or dancewear.

Academy Performances

Biennial display for pupils of all ages.
Full length Ballet Biennially – Seniors only.
“Good Old Days” and Scottish Evenings.


Taster Vouchers

1 Class Taster Voucher – children £7.50
1 Class Taster Voucher – adults £8.50